Video Conferencing Tips

Today many of us are working from home due to Covid-19. So there is no opportunity to have face-to-face meeting, instead we hold video meetings.

The benefits of video conferencing are many such as;

  • You can see those you talk to
  • You can read body language and gestures as in a physical meeting

Thus getting a holistic experience of the conversation that you cannot get in a telephone conference or via written communication. Regardless of the platform you work with, there are some things you need to think about before you have your video conference.

Here are some of our tips to have a successful video meeting:

 Prepare for the meeting

  • Make sure you have good lighting in the room, avoid having a window in the background
  • Check that your computer has the correct camera and audio settings
  • You need to familiarise yourself with the meeting program (for example Microsoft Teams / Zoom) in advance, to confirm you know how it works
  • If you need to share documents during the meeting, make sure that these programs are open for easy access during the meeting
  • Ensure you have all the materials you need for the meeting available

 During the meeting

  • Start the meeting with a presentation round, it means that everyone in the meeting is seen
  • Make sure that everyone has the camera is turned on so you can see each other (the meeting will feel a bit more “real”)
  • Always keep the microphone on, however turn off the microphone in order not to disturb others, especially in multi-party meetings
  • Avoid flipping through paper, clicking on the pen, texting, whispering to a colleague, eating, or drinking during the meeting
  • If you share presentations / data image, avoid jumping between images quickly
  • Look directly into the camera when you talk and have a good conversational tone

    Good luck!

With video conferencing, you get as close to a physical meeting as you can get and with today’s technology, you can get both image and sound of high quality.

There about are some tips but do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your current video conference or need other solutions


Business Comms Team Working at HS2 Project Offices

Business Comms team working at Costain Skanska, HS2 project offices in Euston installing Cat5e network cabling, IP-PBX phone system and Audio Visual presentation facilities.

We were founded in 1983 and this year we celebrate 35 years in business. Despite the markets ups and downs over the years, we’ve been successful as one of the leading UK suppliers of telecoms systems, products and services to business customers nationwide.

Over the past three decades, we have built up a broad and diverse portfolio (incl. skills) in:

  • Audio Visual Solutions
  • Network Cabling (Voice & Data),
  • Office Telephones,
  • VoIP and Calls & Line Rental,
  • MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radios (Sales & Hire),
  • Radio Repair & Programming,
  • Accessories (Radio & Telephone) and
  • In-house Bespoke Designs & Installation of Radio Systems (DAS & MOTOTRBO™).


Our reputation is built on delivering quality and cost effective solutions to our customers regardless of the industry they operate in i.e. Construction (sites & new-build), Transport, Public Sector, Education, Sports, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Fashion & Retail, PubWatch etc. This is what some of our current and previous customers say about us.

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