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We deliver intelligent communications solutions that range from a single site phone system with basic features such as transfer and holds call to more sophisticated VoIP enabled system that can span to multiple sites and end points supporting voicemail to email; mobile phone extension’s, multi end point call routing, call recording and HD audio.

Our product range encompasses all aspects of telephony from Hosted Cloud Phone Systems, On-premise IP-PBX Solutions, Hybrid Phone Systems supporting VoIP, Digital and Analogue trunks and extensions.

We provide unbiased advice when recommending suitable solutions for your business needs, enabling you to make an informed decision on future proofing your investment.


A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk is the virtual and modern version of a telephone line. SIP trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Using SIP Trunks that are routed through a Broadband or Data Connection to a Hosted Cloud Telephony System or an on-premise IP-PBX Phone System allows telephone calls to be made locally, nationally and international (subject to restrictions). Using a SIP provider, adding or reducing SIP trunks can be easily managed remotely to support your telephony demands within minutes.

SIP trunks offer better flexibility and are significantly cheaper than legacy copper telephone lines and calls are often inclusive of their rental fee to most standard UK numbers including 07 numbers.

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Hosted VoIP PBX

More and more companies are moving away from a traditional PBX and transitioning to a hosted    solution to avoid expensive capital outlay but leverage all the benefits of a phone system via the user licensing of a cloud based hosted solution.

As an accredited partner Gamma’s Horizon Cloud PBX is a complete business phone system. A hosted communications service that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, accessed via an easy-to-use web portal that enables you to take control of your telephony requirements from any location.

Features include DDI numbering, call routing, voicemail, hunt groups, scheduling, CRM integration, call recording and much more from fixed desktop phones to softphone PC/laptop clients and mobile app solutions.

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On-Premise (IP) PBX

On-premise (IP)PBX phone systems require on-site installation of hardware within the end users business premises. Typically, with an on-premise solution you have more control over the phone system which would normally be managed by an onsite telecom or IT manager and supported by the supplier, such as Business Comms. Remote access to the system can be achieved if connected to the internet.

Modern on-premise solutions will usually support IP, digital and analogue technologies and are feature rich with all the bells and whistles of a hosted system and much more.  These are modular systems so things like call reporting software, door entry, extension expansion and call recording    solutions can be added when required.

Typically, the on-premise system will be sited within the companies comms cabinet and wired phones patched out via the LAN (local area network). DECT mobile devices as well as IP mobile        extensions are also achievable. On-premise solutions tend to be more cost effective when deployed into medium to large business environments with circa 30 plus endpoints.

Modern SIP trunks can be connected as well as legacy copper lines.

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Legacy Digital / Analogue Phone Systems

Whilst modern technology is evolving rapidly with VoIP technologies and SIP Trunking advancing, we recognise there are many legacy phone system in the market place which serve business needs adequately whilst connected to standard analogue or ISDN digital lines.

We are happy to assist in maintaining these systems and advise on future upgrades when the time is right for you.

In 2015, BT announced that they will be switching off the PSTN and ISDN network in 2025, marking the biggest change in the telecoms industry for over 30 years, but what does this mean for you? We are here to answer your questions to help you prepare for this.

So please, contact us so we can assist you moving forward, when the time is right.

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