AV Support

AV Support

To help and support you and your teams we offer a Premier Plus Service agreement which is charged per room per annum, we at least recommend this for 12 months following an installation to allow your teams to be supported for a year and familiarise themselves with the equipment and experience themselves with troubleshooting:

Manufacturer’s warranty process advice

Contact via telephone, email, video for technical support between 08.00 and 18.00 GMT

Assistance with return for repair or replacement

Advanced parts replacement for all video conferencing solutions

Remote video conference training

Control system programming support

Video conference software upgrades/updates

Maintenance visit

24 Hour video conference test facility

On-site engineering resource

Technical support remote access


AV & Video FAQs

Audiovisual (AV) is electronic media for recording, processing or reproduction of picture and/or sound.

Yes we are, as we often encourage site visitation. Note we can also have a virtual consultation with you.

Although we are based in Kingston-upon-Thames, we service all of the United Kingdom; and as the customer requires.

The quotation we provide will be dependent on your requirements and note that our prices are competitive. The quote will include the equipment, delivery, installation, training, maintenance support (should you require it) and any bespoke/custom requirements you may need.

You can also opt for support via our 12 month Premier Plus Service agreement following an installation.

The equipment provided will carry a manufacturer warranty, usually valid for 12-24 months.

Receives Audio Visual (AV) signals through various interconnects after being sent by compatible transmitter.

The RJ45 is a connector used on CAT cabling for connecting computers and other devices to local area networks (LANs).

Case Studies

Costain – Preston Highways Project

Having assessed an existing LAN cabling infrastructure that was not fit for use we stripped out all redundant cabling and old PVC line boxes. Working […]

Costain – Worle

Working with the client (Costain) and the Principle Contractor (Midas) we designed and installed two local area networks in each building consisting of circa 550 […]

Costain – A19 Highways

Working with the client Costain, we designed and installed a Cat5e network consisting of circa 250 networks sockets all terminated back to 42U comms racks […]

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Our team is happy to help with any AV enquiries. Contact us using the form or by phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.