Two-Way Radio Hire

Hire Radios and Repeaters

Business Communications offers the hire of two-way radios to customers as an alternative to purchase. For more information or to request a quote, get in touch.


Business communications can arrange for both long or short term hire agreements with customers. Customers requiring two-way communication on-site can hire radios to meet their needs. The channels in the hire radios are programmed with frequencies from our hire licence.

Customers can also hire base unit radios including the associated desk kits. Desktop base radios are also available for hire. These include the associated desk kits including power supply and microphone.


Where a repeater is required for site communication out of the range of direct radio to radio communication, we can hire customers a repeater. The repeater can be connected to an individual antenna or to a distributed antenna system (DAS) if required for coverage, for example in a basement or tunnel area.

Where a DAS is required, the system will be designed by our engineers and the installation of RF cable planned and installed by either Business Communications or customer engineers. As the site changes during the customer work, the DAS can be adapted and altered as required.

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