Two-Way Radio Sales

Two-Way Radio, Repeaters & Accessories

Business Communications offers a variety of two-way radios and accessories for customers to purchase to include Licenced Radios, Licence-Free Radios, Repeaters and Accessories.

Licenced Radios

Licenced radios include the Motorola Professional series.
Entry-Level – the SL1600 and the DP1400.
Mid-Range – the DP2400 and DP2600.
High Level – the DP3441, DP4400e, DP4600e, DP4800e and R7.
Atex Radios both Display and Non-display.

Base and mobile radios including the DM4400e and DM4600e. To operate any of these radios within the UK requires an Ofcom licence. Base station Repeaters including the Motorola SLR1000, SLR5500 and SLR8000.

Recently have expanded our offering to include Entel DX400 series digital radios. The entry level professional series DX482 licenced digital radios are IP68 rated and submersible in 2 metres of water.


Licence-Free Radios

Consumer-level Motorola TLKR radios are ideal for short-range communication where a customer needs simple person to person communication. A typical use would be at a village fete or small sports event. Available in twin packs or quad packs.

Business level licence-free PMR446 Motorola XT radios are durable and have a good operational range and are dust and waterproof to IP55 rating. Available in both display and non-display versions and are a good alternative to the Professional series radios when lower power will suffice.



Business Communications can provide Motorola Base Station Repeaters in the following versions:
SLR1000 Low Power Repeater.
SLR5500 Medium Power Repeater.
SLR8000 Repeater.

The three repeater types allow Business Communications to recommend the most appropriate repeater based on the coverage required.


Business communications can provide accessories to support all customer requirements. Accessories include:
– Earpieces and headsets.
– Remote speaker microphones.
– Carry solutions.
– Spare batteries.
– Single and multi-unit chargers.


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