Two-Way Radio Support

Two-Way Radio Support

Business Communications offers support for Two-Way Radio customers including the following:

Ofcom Licence

If a customer requires an Ofcom licence for their radio operation, Business Comms can make the application on the customer’s behalf. Business Comms is also able to advise which licence type is most appropriate, for example UK Simple for multiple sites or a Technically Assigned licence for a location where unshared frequencies are required.


When a customer purchases a radio, extended warranties are available from Motorola. Business Comms can provide details and costs of the various extended warranties available and order the warranty at the time of purchase.


Business Comms offers maintenance services for customer radios and if more extensive repairs are required, will manage the despatch of the radio to Motorola for repair. Any costs incurred will be agreed with the customer prior to the repair being initiated.

Fault Investigation

Where a problem occurs at a site, Business Comms engineers can attend and undertake fault investigation. If the fault is equipment based, a quotation will be provided for replacement equipment and installation. If the fault is infrastructure or cable based, a quotation will be provided for cable or antenna replacement.

In all cases, Business Comms engineers will perform the fault finding and rectification.

System Monitoring and Control

Business Communications can provide customers with software driven tools that enable the customer to monitor and manage their radio system. This can be a simple solution to monitor the timeslot utilisation on the repeaters from a PC or a complex despatch management suite that will enable the customer to manage their radio fleet and perform tasks such as location monitoring.


Two Way Radio FAQs

A frequency has to be programmed into a channel for the radio channel to work.

The PMR446 unlicensed radios are approved for operation within the UK and most of Europe.

There is no definitive answer as radio signals can be adversely affected by obstructions such as buildings or topography. It is advisable to carry out a site test prior to any purchase.

No, because they operate on a completely different frequency bandwidth.

Not unless a channel on your radio has been programmed with the same frequency.

Coverage can be enhanced by the installation of a Repeater Base Unit connected to an external antenna.

Some users require several frequencies e.g. construction sites, hotels, distribution centers and airports. Manufacturers therefore produce radios to accommodate all scenarios.

Case Studies

Building Sector

A simple, rugged cost-effective solution is the Motorola XT400 series portable licence free radio. The XT420 is a non-display radio and the XT460 provides a […]

Gist Thatcham

GIST Thatcham is a large warehouse complex providing distribution of consumable goods to multiple supermarket stores.

Costain – London Bridge Station Redevelopment Project

We designed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with 18 Antennae strategically placed to provide site wide coverage through a ‘rabbit warren’ of Arches, rooms and […]

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