What is Wrong With Your Motorola Two-Way Radio?

You hit the push-to-talk (PTT) button on your Motorola two-way radio and something just isn’t right! Basically your ‘transmit and receive’ had been working just fine up until now.  So what do you do?

Before you contact our Two-Way Radio team, there are a few things you can/should check first:

1.  Your radio doesn’t turn on. It is so your radio is completely dead and will not power on at all:

  • If it’s a portable two-way radio check and make sure your battery is properly connected and charged.
    • Try the battery in a radio you know is working and if it works, then you will know it’s a problem with the radio and you should contact radio repair.
    • If it doesn’t, then it means it’s a battery issue and most likely the battery needs to be replaced. Batteries normally have a useful life of 12-18 months, depending on the level of usage etc.
  •  If it is your mobile two-way radio (i.e. DM3000) that won’t power up at all, check to see if the power connection is OK. If the power is reaching the radio but it won’t switch on, call your radio repairers.

2.  There is static when you transmit or receive:

  • If it’s a mobile two-way radio you’re experiencing static issues with, check the microphone for a bad cord and/or connection. Also check to see if the antenna is missing or loose and don’t forget to check the antenna connector on the radio to make sure it isn’t loose.
  • If it’s your portable 2-way radio that is affected by static, check to see if the antenna is loose and to see if the battery contacts are dirty. You can use a pencil eraser to clean the contacts. If none of that work, call your local radio repair.

3.  There is a beeping coming from your radio – you keep hearing this beeping noise from your radio and you are unable to make it stop:

  • So, if it’s your mobile two-way that is sounding like it’s on life support, there are 3 things to check:
    • Make sure the mic isn’t stuck in transmit mode,
    • that the selected channel selector has been programmed and
    • finally that the programming information hasn’t been lost.
  • If you are dealing with a beeping portable two-way radio, check to see if the battery power is low, if the selected channel has been programmed, if there is a stuck button or if the programming information has been lost.

If none of the above tips help clear up your issues with your two-way radio equipment then contact our radio team for help 01252 617116radios@businesscomms.co.uk