What is AV?

Audiovisual (AV) is electronic media for recording, processing or reproduction of picture and/or sound.

What locations do you cover?

Although we are based in Kingston-upon-Thames, we service all of the United Kingdom; and as the customer requires.

How much will it cost?

The quotation we provide will be dependent on your requirements and note that our prices are competitive. The quote will include the equipment, delivery, installation, training, maintenance support (should you require it) and any bespoke/custom requirements you may need.

Equipment Warranty

The equipment provided will carry a manufacturer warranty, usually valid for 12-24 months.

What is Receiver (RX)?

Receives Audio Visual (AV) signals through various interconnects after being sent by compatible transmitter.

What is RJ45?

The RJ45 is a connector used on CAT cabling for connecting computers and other devices to local area networks (LANs).