How Old is Your Radio Fleet?

How old is your radio fleet as Motorola has ceased repair of non ‘e’ models?

Please be aware that Motorola no longer support repair of  Two-Way Radio Models that were cancelled in 2016 and these are radios without the ‘e’ suffix such as:

  • DP2000 Series – DP2400
  • DP3441
  • DP4000 Series – DP4400, DP4800
  • SL400
  • SL4010
  • DM4000 Series

Motorola continues repair and spares support of all ‘e’ suffix radios such as the DP4400e and DP2400e. Find all product specifications downloads here.

Further information from Motorola and all the products that are affected please Click Here

Please contact Business Communications for clarification if required.

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