NEW – Mototrbo™ R7 Two-Way Radio

Due to global semi-conductor supply issues, there have been significant supply problems over the last few months with Two-Way Radio products and accessories.

However, there is now GOOD NEWS; Motorola have just announced a new radio model, the Mototrbo R7, which is compatible with DP4000(e) series radios and chargers.

The R7 series is available in both non-display and display versions – see data sheet.

Key Features include:

mototrbo-R7 key features















We will advise on availability as soon as we receive an update, but these radios are expected very soon.

If you wish to discuss new orders, or replacing existing DP4400e orders with R7 radios, please contact the radio team for costs at or call 0203 4188 039








How Old is Your Radio Fleet?

How old is your radio fleet as Motorola has ceased repair of non ‘e’ models?

Please be aware that Motorola no longer support repair of  Two-Way Radio Models that were cancelled in 2016 and these are radios without the ‘e’ suffix such as:

  • DP2000 Series – DP2400
  • DP3441
  • DP4000 Series – DP4400, DP4800
  • SL400
  • SL4010
  • DM4000 Series

Motorola continues repair and spares support of all ‘e’ suffix radios such as the DP4400e and DP2400e. Find all product specifications downloads here.

Further information from Motorola and all the products that are affected please Click Here

Please contact Business Communications for clarification if required.

Is it Time to Replace your Motorola Two-Way Radio Battery?

Signs that your radio battery needs to be replaced include the Motorola battery requires you to recharge it continually shorter intervals and/or the radio is constantly beeping when turned on or transmitting.

However, we recommend the best way to ascertain if your Motorola Two-Way Batteries need to be replaced, is for you to check them against the reference key on your Motorola Multi-Unit Charger:Motorola Two-Way Radio

  • If the charger LED is AMBER, the battery is reforming and should be left to complete this
  • If the battery flashes RED/GREEN, it is nearing the end of its useful life
  • Flashing RED means the battery will not charge and before you replace it, check the connection in the charger just in case
  • Solid RED means the battery is charging
  • Solid GREEN means the battery is charged and ready for use

For more information, read our article Is Your Two-Way Radio Battery Treated Right?

Otherwise, contact us if you have any further questions.

Relocation of the Staisafe Radio System in Staines

Business Comms engineers have completed the first phase of the relocation of the Staisafe radio system in Staines-upon-Thames.

This involved the recovery of two base station repeaters and an antenna array from a now defunct department store and installing the equipment at the top of a nearby multistorey car park.

This is the first phase of the project.

The second phase will be completed with the issue of a revised licence from Ofcom and the purchase of a two channel combiner which will enable the two repeaters to be connected to a single replacement antenna array.

Contact us for your two-way radio communication requirements on   0203 4188 039 /

Gatwick Station Redevelopment – Site Comms

Working with Costain the Principal Contractor on the Gatwick Station Redevelopment project, Business Comms has provided a Motorola 4 channel Repeater system using Motorola Solutions Capacity Plus software to support a fleet of ca. 80 DP4400e and 4800e keypad display Digital Two-Way Radios. These radios are used by Costain site operatives, senior site management and their nominated sub-contractors including Kilnbridge and Emico.

The Ofcom licensing was arranged by Business Comms whilst liaising with the Airport authority’s representative for site approval. The Motorola Repeater System is installed within a 24U rack with Combiner connected to a DAS (Distributed Antenna System).

The site offices provided for this project in 2 phases, were mobilised with a Cat5e and Fibre infrastructure installed by Business Comms to support the projects data and audio/video conferencing demands.

A complete site communications deployment was delivered which we are supporting throughout the construction and redevelopment of Gatwick Station.

Contact us for your on-site communication requirements Tel: 0203 4188 039 /

Business Comms Team Working at HS2 Project Offices

Business Comms team working at Costain Skanska, HS2 project offices in Euston installing Cat5e network cabling, IP-PBX phone system and Audio Visual presentation facilities.

We were founded in 1983 and this year we celebrate 35 years in business. Despite the markets ups and downs over the years, we’ve been successful as one of the leading UK suppliers of telecoms systems, products and services to business customers nationwide.

Over the past three decades, we have built up a broad and diverse portfolio (incl. skills) in:

  • Audio Visual Solutions
  • Network Cabling (Voice & Data),
  • Office Telephones,
  • VoIP and Calls & Line Rental,
  • MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radios (Sales & Hire),
  • Radio Repair & Programming,
  • Accessories (Radio & Telephone) and
  • In-house Bespoke Designs & Installation of Radio Systems (DAS & MOTOTRBO™).


Our reputation is built on delivering quality and cost effective solutions to our customers regardless of the industry they operate in i.e. Construction (sites & new-build), Transport, Public Sector, Education, Sports, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Fashion & Retail, PubWatch etc. This is what some of our current and previous customers say about us.

To find out more about us and/or what we can do to help improve your business telecommunications, contact us on: 01252 617116 / 0203 4188039 or email:


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Costain – London Bridge Station ReDevelopment

In 2011,  Costain were awarded Network Rails London Bridge Station Redevelopment project lasting 5 years, this is a £400M project with works commencing in full from 2013 and completing in 2018.

Business Communications was tasked with designing, supplying and installing a Two-Way Radio system providing site wide coverage for Costain and their associated Sub-Contractors for this 24/7 operation project.

Read our case study and also visit Land Mobile Website to read the article about this project – LONDON BRIDGE STATION REDEVELOPMENT: 2013 – 2018

Contact us for more information and help with your Radio Communication requirements on 0203 4188039 or