Is it Time to Replace your Motorola Two-Way Radio Battery?

Signs that your radio battery needs to be replaced include the Motorola battery requires you to recharge it continually shorter intervals and/or the radio is constantly beeping when turned on or transmitting.

However, we recommend the best way to ascertain if your Motorola Two-Way Batteries need to be replaced, is for you to check them against the reference key on your Motorola Multi-Unit Charger:Motorola Two-Way Radio

  • If the charger LED is AMBER, the battery is reforming and should be left to complete this
  • If the battery flashes RED/GREEN, it is nearing the end of its useful life
  • Flashing RED means the battery will not charge and before you replace it, check the connection in the charger just in case
  • Solid RED means the battery is charging
  • Solid GREEN means the battery is charged and ready for use

For more information, read our article Is Your Two-Way Radio Battery Treated Right?

Otherwise, contact us if you have any further questions.

Relocation of the Staisafe Radio System in Staines

Business Comms engineers have completed the first phase of the relocation of the Staisafe radio system in Staines-upon-Thames.

This involved the recovery of two base station repeaters and an antenna array from a now defunct department store and installing the equipment at the top of a nearby multistorey car park.

This is the first phase of the project.

The second phase will be completed with the issue of a revised licence from Ofcom and the purchase of a two channel combiner which will enable the two repeaters to be connected to a single replacement antenna array.

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