Case Study: Construction

On-site Telecom System for multiple locations

We work with a number of large PLC construction companies with contracts throughout the UK who require on-site telecom system for their site offices.  These systems support not only the Principle Contractors but their clients and sub-contractors

The Challenge

Business Communications to provide a national service to a number of large PLC construction companies and make recommendations regarding suitable, flexible and cost effective telephony solutions that can be redeployed from site to site.

To order and arrange installation of the telephony and data lines and provide installation and maintenance services for both network LAN cabling and telephony hardware, all to be managed as part of the site mobilisation programme and working in synergy with other contractors involved in these schemes such as electricians; CCTV and security etc.

The Solution


The size of the project offices, number of users and the length of each contract dictates the type system recommendation. In most cased VoIP SIP trunking is delivered to either an hosted cloud based IP-PBX or an on-premise IP-PBX with standard features such as DDI (direct dial in) numbers, voicemail (to email); hunt groups; day and nigh service settings etc.

Mobile phone apps can be provided for non desk based staff with connection and full feature accessibility to the PBX.

Our systems are deployed across a cat5e /6 / 6a LAN installed and maintained by ourselves. At the end of the contract we will decommission the telephones systems, refurbish appropriate hardware and redeploy onto future sites to maintain a ROI for the end user.

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