Case Study: Solent Rib Charter

Provide two-way radio communication over an operational area.

Solent Rib Charter own Europe’s largest fleet of Ribs and is the market leading provider of Rib Hire, Rib Charter, Commercial Rib Charter and Bareboat Rib Hire services.

They supply Ribs for corporate events, private parties and to the commercial sector and have worked tirelessly to delight their customers since they were established in 2001.

The Challenge

Solent Rib Charter offices and workshops are based some distance from the Marina from where the Ribs operate.

Radio communication had initially worked with no problem but as the terrain between the locations has changed over time with increased building etc. between sites, the communication had become problematical.

The Solution

Solent Rib Charter

A second repeater was installed at the marina along with a new omni-directional antenna. Both the repeater at the Solent Rib Offices and the Marina were configured for Motorola IP Site Connect.

All radios were reprogrammed to operate with both local and IP Site Connect channels. The system was tested and customer communication restored throughout their operational area.

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